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tv   [untitled]    October 11, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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p.e.c. work on these issues and one more thing, like some parents say to me, they need supervision in the classes with special education, because so many things happening and nobody know about it, like, i hear parents she said fall down, hurt his head and how did he hurt his head? nobody seen it. thank you. >> one of the things that seem to come up over and over again as we seem to -- as we sat down last weekend and spoke at the p.a.c. about what our priorities were with respect to the individual members, there are a few things that came up over and over again. among them are the need to make our schools safer and more welcoming to students and families. also, the need to support teachers to understand cultural differences among our students and families, and finally, the
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need to address program and instructional quality. and many p.a.c. members are excited about the district's focus on restorative practices as a means to improve school climate and safety and also to reduce suspensions. but we feel that most families don't really know what this means and we are interested in helping the district to get information out to families about it in a parent friendly language. and then finally, we have a special meeting that is planned for early october to talk about student data and the core curriculum and we are planning to have a presentation from assistant superintendent kana on student achievement and discussion with richard caransa to support students and closing the achievement gap and we've invited community partners and parents to attend the meeting and there seems to be a lot of
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excitement about it and we're looking forward to talking about data from a parent perspective. >> and we have a few -- [inaudible] we have a few open seats in the p.a.c. and we are accepting applications and we have it in english, spanish and chinese, and >> once again, i think we have questions or comments from the board members. commissioner norton? commissioner norton: did you call me? i heard you say commissioner -- thank you for the report. do you have the date and time of the meeting next week so that if people listening want to come, that they know when it is? >> the date is october 3.
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and i don't believe that we have a location completely certain yet. but it's october 3, early afternoon meeting and if anyone's interested, they could probably contact the p.a.c. >> i think it's 1:00 to 2:30. commissioner norton: who should they contact? >> they should contact ruth grabowski, i guess, at the p.a.c. let me see. >> pa c@sfusd. >> thank you. i'm looking at the list here and this is a partial list of what the p.a.c.'s priorities are going to be? is that right? >> these were the priorities that we discussed at our most
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recent meeting. i think it's a work in progress as issues come up or as interest arises and other issues, i'm sure we could add to that list. >> of course, of course. so i had a sort of a clarification question. and i'm trying to understand or maybe i'm reading it wrong and you can help me with the intent. this year, the p.a.c.'s priorities are to engage families and represent parents' perspectives to inform the district's focus on restorative practices to improve student climate and reduce student suspensions. are you informing us or are you informing other parents? >> i think it's a little bit both ways. i think parents certainly, we'd like to find a way to explain what restorative practices is to parents and make it something
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that is just more accessible but i think that as we get parent feedback, perhaps we would bring that to you. >> ok. i would appreciate that. president mendoza:commissioner fewer? commissioner fewer: thanks. thank you for your report. last time, when the p.a.c. came, they spoke a little bit about a time line and also we're hearing from special ed parents, i gather, that it was also an issue about a time line. what i'm hearing undertone is keeping everybody accountable to actually doing the task and making sure that it's moving along and implementation is happening so i would like actually staff to look at that. i think there was a request around middle schools time line and the special ed redesign, i think this referencing about a time line and i think it's really important for parents. it's something concrete that
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they can expect to see and we should be holding ourselves accountable to and it's part of keeping our promises to parents so i'm glad that you brought that up and i'm hoping staff can follow up on that. thank you. >> i just wanted to say that we are probably bringing an update on the redesign to the curriculum committee in december so that meeting will be in early december and we'd asked for sort of a here's what's been done, here's the work that still remains kind of thing so the public of course is invited, members of the p.a.c. are invited, and other members of the board. president mendoza: commissioner murase? commissioner murase: i wanted to encourage the viewing and listening parents to consider applying to the p.a.c. and their applications are available in english, chinese and spanish on the web site
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it's a great opportunity to engage with the school district. president mendoza: commissioner fewer and then commissioner mhasf? commissioner fewer: i wanted to ask staff if they could respond to the concerns of parents of children being hurt in the special ed classrooms so we can get staff to have a response to that to note the incidents and maybe when it's being presented in december that we could also include an incident reports and how many incidents of this happens in our special ed classrooms. thank you. president mendoza: i see our director shaking her head. commissioner maufas. >> she's nodding. president mendoza: she was nodding. she was nodding yet.
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commissioner maufas: can i make a request. i know you're going to take these questions and comments back to the bigger p.a.c. body and i see here because i ticket ticket -- ticked it off, to monitor the implementation of district-wise plan and support parent engagement in the bayview zone superintendent initiatives. it is really important in my mind for the p.a.c. to be really working closely with our parent engagement department and the head of our department, i know, is somewhere in the audience. i saw her earlier. almost hand-in-hand working together with the parent advisory council to the board of education. i just see you-all as really an extension of that process and i -- i think that was always sort of one of the things that when i was on the p.a.c. that was always a relevant priority in my mind. i can only imagine that it must
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be in your minds, too. i see it here but i really would like -- i, personally, would like a more integrated approach and to really see how it's going. i think we have faltered for way too long in this part of the work that we do and i would really like to see a more hand-in-hand relationship with parent engagement, family engagement at the district but also with the parent advisory council. so i see that here in your priorities. i know it's part of your thinking all the time. i just haven't seen us be able to marry you-all. >> it's interesting, we were actually having a discussion about this tonight and how the p.a.c. should work with the office of parent engagement and i know there is a plan in the near future to sit down and have a conversation and try to work together mhasf mhasf i -- commissioner murase: i want to support that.
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president mendoza: deputy superintendent, did you have a comment? any other comments? thank you, both. and welcome to the p.a.c. item f is public comment on consent items. i have one speaker on this, president kelly from united educators. >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen of the board and superintendent garcia and other titled folks in the room. i come before you to point out things that strike me as curious about resolutions that are in the early section of the k's, k-3, 4. i think you have them listed there. they all have to do with the hiring of someone called a child aide from edgewood who is to enhance the social and emotional
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development of young students, increase the likelihood that students experiencing mild to moderate adjustment difficulties will succeed in school and increase personal competencies related to life success and minimize the need for more intense, costly services as they grow older. that sounds remarkably like what our paraprofessionals serving one-on-one do. is this contracting out? are you essentially contracting out paraprofessional work to edgewood? i think if you look carefully at the four place where is this exact same work is being done, you'll see a variety of evaluations. the evaluations never cost anything. one of them clearly doesn't cost anything because there is no evaluation. one of them is just, complete the task. one is to complete the task and provide some sort of report on it, which is interesting, and compares at least favorably to
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what you have in k-10 where you're asking bacar to go out and hire somebody and handing money over because e.r. taylor wants a tutor and so instead of hiring a tutor, have bacar hire a tutor which, you know, some of the things we've been reading about bacar and edgewood and makes it curious when their names come up. if you skip all all the way baco k-27, you can see something back here that, again, calls for no evaluation, but if you'll excuse me, this is what it says it's going to do -- initiate a partnership with high school and the leadership teams to engage in the beginning stages of the iterative development and implementation of a strategic plan that aligns school reform design with a mission cornerstones and goals and
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objectives. it will be developing and implementing communication strategy and communication collateral like messaging, tools and processes, that will engage the school in broader community in the development and implementation of the transformation plan and it will help facilitate the development of a plan supporting the leadership, decision making and management systems and structures including the transition of the principal. where is he transitioning to? it doesn't say. now, there's no evaluation of that, either, which is probably -- excuse me, it is, it's just to complete the task. but if you have that kind of clear direction as to the mission of what people want to do, it's probably fortunate that there isn't much in terms of the evaluation of that. i don't think that's particularly useful to have that goobledy in here when you're talking about the things you want to do. i don't think it's useful to
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have elves that are all over the place for the kind of job you want done and i don't appreciate as the president of the union when it appears that you are contracting out work that is done ably and competently by the 1551 paraprofessionals who work for you already. thank you. president mendoza: thank you, mr. kelly. so, i have -- i've been asked to continue to make this announcement to everyone so that they're really clear that as a reminder to the public, in accordance with 211.2 the board policy p120, an individual wishing to address the board on agenda items on matters other than those calendared for board action can tell the board office by 4:30 on the day of the meeting or completing a speaker card on the evening of the meeting prior to the item is being called so any cards turned in at the same time the item is being discussed will not be accepted. i need a motion and second on
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the consent calendar? >> motion. >> second. >> there are a number of items. in terms of corrections, to item 119-27k13, we have to correct the program title and sac code. it should be eia/limited proficiency fund at sac code should read --. >> what was that third number again? >> so i went through this quickly because i believe that you have it in writing. and then the second one, the second item that these to be corrected is item 119-27k18 on page 105. the dates of service are incorrect. they should read september 28, 2011, through june 30, 2012.
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that makes this not a retro resolution. president mendoza: get out. take it off my list. >> we also want to postpone action on item 119-13k21 on page 26 that was scheduled for second reading and action tonight. we'd like to postpone action and bring it back at the 10-11-11 board meeting, october 11 board meeting. we'd also like to remove for first reading item 119-27-k3-k5-k6 and k11. president mendoza: thank you. any items removed for first reading by the board? seeing none, any items severed by the board for discussion tonight? commissioner fewer.
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commissioner fewer: k22. president mendoza: and the roll call will take place under -- excuse me. can you move your water bottle because i can't see your light. there you go. and your laptop, also, commissioner norton. commissioner murase? commissioner murase: i'd like to sever k3, k5, k11 on the child aide issues. >> they're all pulled. president mendoza: we're just pulling k22 and then we'll do the vote under section o. any comments from the board or superintendent? item h is the superintendent's proposal. there are no one tonight. item i is the board member's proposal, there are no one tonight. item j is request to speak regarding general matters and i have a few cards so when i call your name, if you'd please come up, please. jeff dubois, leann loung and
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linda plack and you each have two minutes. we have a new timer that we've installed. we've resurrected so you will know when your time is coming to a close so we'd appreciate it if you'll stay close to -- stay within your time frame. thank you. >> i was hoping there would be a time check here. does it beep,atic like -- my name is jeff dubois, my daughter attends mckinnell. she's a first grader. and i guess foremost speaking for my experience as a parent, i can only praise principal fong and the teachers at mckinley. my daughter knows just about every teacher and converses with them daily and kind of loves her time there. i've also had the pleasure of attending p.t.a. meeting and have seen the commitment of the p.t.a. and the parents which, to
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me, is critical to the success of the school. i've also attended the school site council meeting and have a deep understanding in talking with rosa in terms of the budgetary challenges that she faces and every school across the district faces. and the difficulty decisions she needs to make and i see the passion at mckinley in terms of the faculty. it's also important for me to say that i'm also an employee at edgewood and have worked there some ways, similar experience in with the district in terms of working with principals from schools that we have worked with, richard zappian from hillcrest, curtis -- i can never pronounce his name, in student support services, mav mulholland
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in special education. these are people who have demonstrated their passion, but i'm also frustrated by what's happening here in terms of services, key services that edgewood has provided for years are being denied and we're being held hostage by lawyers and that quality services are held up because of your legal department. that was a quick two minutes. thank you. president mendoza: thank you. but you could see it, though, right? you could see your two minutes. thank you very much. >> good evening, i'm linda plack, executive vice president of the united educators of san francisco and tonight i wish to speak about transitional kindergarten. i'm going to refer to it as t.k. you do not have an action item about transitional kindergarten so that's why i'm speaking over general matters but you do have a committee report. i know the curriculum committee has been considering this.
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we have been told that the district is considering two options to implement a transitional kindergarten program. option one contemplates placing a few transitional kindergarten students in blended classrooms with t.k., they will have an additional year of preparation in those blended classrooms. we feel that option one is not consistent with the spirit or the intent of the legislation establishing this program. the intent was to provide a unique and separate experience for this age group. this, of course, whether you do it one way or the other, will require professional development for kindergarten teachers whole now have to plan developmentally appropriate curriculum for these younger students. but the union prefers option two, the stand-alone classroom model. the plan is to establish, under option two, separate t.k. classrooms at selected school sites and we recommend that t.k.
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classrooms can be created in schools that are not already overcrowded or oversubscribed. and recruiting a group of teachers who will receive specialized training to work with this younger group of teachers. we do not think that people should have two years of kindergarten. they should have one year of transitional kindergarten and then go into a regular kindergarten class. thank you for considering our recommendations. >> president mendoza: thank you. one more speaker. i guess she's not here. leann loung. this closes public comment. item k is the advisory committee report and appointments to advisory committees by board members. do i have appointments? student delegates? >> i'd like to appoint wendy lee, a junior from academy, and hannah lee, a sophomore from lowell, to the peace cack.
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>> president mendoza: and somebody is recording that. any other appointments or reports? thank you. item l is a special order of business. the next two items go together so i call the public hearing of the sufficiency of textbooks and instructional items for 2011-2012. may i hear a motion and a second regarding the sufficiency of textbooks and instructional materials as required by section 60119. >> moved. >> seconded. >> superintendent, you have a reading of the resolution. >> daisy santos. >> good evening, i'm daisy santos, supervisor in the curriculum resources libraries and media services office. and we are asking you to approve the resolution regarding the
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sufficiency of textbooks and instructional items as required by education code section 60119 on pages 3 and 4 of the agenda. the report that begins on page five of the agenda gives background for the resolution. the first part of the report gives sufficiency information and the last part lists some of the barriers we've encountered to achieving sufficiency and the actions the district takes, first to try to begin the year with enough textbooks for each student and then to remedy any insufficiencies we discover after school starts. we we are here to report that they have sufficient textbooks in the core subjects.
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it's important to know that the district doesn't consider sufficiency a kuhn--- a one-time occurrence, they require it throughout the year and it remains a high priority year round. in addition to the requirement to report on sufficiency of instructional materials for the core curriculum areas, the board is required to determine the availability of high school science equipment and the sufficiency of health and foreign language materials. we have a science-equipment-related report, it's indicated in the survey conducted by eric lewis from the high school area team, and that information, those tables, are on pages eight through 25, and they give the survey results. we do not have sufficient materials in health or languages
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to give one book per student and those tables are on pages five and six. for health, we have provided a class set for each teacher, for world language class the insufficiencies lissed in the report now have been resolved or soon will be. i'd like to public pli -- publicly thank the curriculum resources office who have worked diligently to provide sites with materials as requests are received. since the enof july, they have prepared textbook orders, transferred books from one site to another and packed boxes to send out from the district warehouse. we are also grateful to the staff in the purchasing office, especially susan chan and to eric lewis from the high school team for their exceptional work and support in this process. i'll be glad to answer any questions you may have at this time.
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>> can we read the therefore be it resolved portion just for the record? >> therefore, be it resolved that the board of education of the san francisco unified school district has determined that as of the instructional materials hearing held on september 27, 2011, each pupil in the san francisco unified school district has sufficient textbooks or instructional materials in mathematics, science, history, social science, and english language arts, including the english development component of an adopted program and be it further resolved that each pupil does not have sufficient techbooks or instructional materials in foreign language or health classes to enable each student to take a book home but that students do have sufficient class sets of textbooks and that the high schools have science laboratory equipment available
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related to the core science classes. >> thank you. questions? commissioner norton, commissioner murase. commissioner murase: i would like to commend you, i remember this hearing last year, we sat stunned at the report you had to give so actually this is much better. it's not perfect, obviously but it is much better system of thank you for the work you've done over this past year to get us starting the year with fewer shortages. >> commissioner murase, the wins and then fewer. commissioner murase: you give some of the response from the schools in terms of insufficient materials, principals of 54 elementary schools, did you hear
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from 100% of the schools? >> yes, we always do. commissioner wins: i'm glad we do -- commissioner wynns: i'm glad we do this. i'm interested in what you can tell us, it doesn't have to be now, but if there's information about the postponement of curriculum adoptions by the state over time, so we've been talking about, you know, since we're spending a serious amount of money replacing textbooks anyway, getting some that are better for the state -- even if the state doesn't do an adoption and also eventually we'll want to weigh in on the question of whether we ought to encourage the state to stop doing them and those kinds of things. if you could at some time in writing would be fine for me, or maybe


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